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The Child Safe Aircraft Seat Harness

Keep your baby, and toddler safe during flights

Certified for all phases of flight such as taxiing, take off, in-air turbulence and landing.

My Buddy Tag

Helps you keep on eye on your kids.

Alerts you if your Child is:

  • Out of your proximity.
  • Submersed in water for more than 10 seconds

2 in 1 Child Harness

A walking harness that doubles as a backpack for toddlers on the go.

Let them have fun exploring whilst you have comfort knowing they can't disappear!

Fabulous 5 in 1 game set

Topia is where play begins… and where a child’s imagination never ends!

Encourages explorative play, imagination development, flexible and creative thinking.

At Keep Kids Safe we promote safe products for children.

Our mission is to focuses on the most “Common Children’s Accidents & Parenting Concerns in Australia” You can expect to kind a range of products that will support safety and wellbeing for babies, toddlers and children from 3 to 10 years of age. For more details see list of kid’s safety Products.

Keep Kids Safe specialise in baby & toddler harnesses and child tracking devices.

The safe supervision of toddlers and small children particularly when out of sight (even for a second) is at the heart of our mission. We are continuing to research and explore the best harnesses and tracking devices from Australia and overseas.

Keep Kids Safe also provides natural remedies for common children’s ailments.

This includes ailments such as colds and coughs, sleeping, teething, colic and more. For more details see our Natural Remedy products. Enjoy breezing through our website and stay tuned for new products coming soon or join our product updates newsletter which will keep you informed and connected.

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