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Child Harnesses

'Child harnesses are all about child safety’.

Keep Kids Safe have a range child harnesses for a range of safety requirements. Child harnesses are becoming an essential safety aid when traveling. Whether you are traveling with your child on holiday in Australian or abroad, going to shopping centres or just going for a stroll to the park. There are many other types of child harnesses for the safety and protection of your child’s.

  • Baby Harness

    Baby Harness

    Babies are known to roll very easily. So when changing your baby always ensure you keep a gentle hand on your baby. Keep Kids Safe have a range a baby harnesses including the baby change table harness for added protection and safety. Keep your child safe from rolling and falling off a high change table.

    See our range a baby harnesses.

  • Toddler Harness

    Toddler Harness

    Holding a child’s hand when out, is not always easy or possible for many parent and child carers. Child walking harnesses and leashes has become a popular safety product for toddlers. Keep Kids Safe have a range of fun animal and fairy collection backpacks harnesses which are loved by toddlers and makes harnessing your toddler easy.

    See our range toddler harnesses.

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