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Safety Products for Babies & Toddlers

  • Child Sleeping Aids

    Child Sleeping Aids

    See our range of safe “Child and Baby Sleeping Aids” Humidifiers, sound, lullaby and rotating image are just some of the features.

    Introduce your child to a beautiful and gentle way to relax and sleep will support your child’s health and wellbeing.

    See our range baby safety products for Child Sleeping Aids

  • Child Bath Safety Products

    Child Bath Safety Products

    Make sure you have everything ready for your baby’s bath and change times. Towels, toiletries, clean nappies and JP’s. Before putting your baby into a bath check that the water is comfortably warm. Baby change tables are also a safety precaution as baby can roll suddenly.

    See our range of child safety products for childrens bath safety.

  • Child Travel Safety

    Child Travel Safety

    Whether you are travel aboard, visiting family or just going about your day to day travels there are now more demands on adults who are responsible for a child’s wellbeing and safety when traveling.

    See our range of child Safety products for travel safety

  • Child Swimming Safety Products

    Child Swimming Safety Products

    Be prepared and safeguard your child drowning! Child Swimming safety products like swimming vests, inflatable armbands and digital alert watches are just some of the best swimming prevention aids around water and offers piece of mind for parents and carers

    See our range of child swimming safety products

  • Kids Sun Safe Products

    Kids Sun Safe Products

    More than 5 mins in the sun without protection and a child's face and body can burns quickly. Avoid redness, blistering and painful experiences. Let your kids have fun outdoors protected from harmful UV rays.

    View our range of kids sun protection and safety products.

  • Child Safety In The Home

    Child Safety In The Home

    Child safety in the home encompasses many things. We are still researching this at the top of the list is jamming finger and fire heating safety. We have incorporated products that are often overlooked.

    See our current range of products for child safety in the home.

  • Natural & Eco Friendly Products for Kids

    Natural & Eco Friendly Products for Kids

    Children who suffer from skin allergies often require natural or ecofriendly products. Our vibrant luxurious range 100% cotton products are so soft and silky with a double layer of cotton for softness.

    See our range of Natural & eco-friendly products for children.

  • Safe Kids Toys

    Safe Kids Toys

    Our interesting and creative range of safe and smart toys offer so many wonderful benefits which will bring a smile to any child’s face and help nurture early learn skills and development.

    Please make sure to look at the age requirements for every toy

    See our range of toys

  • Safe Kids Games

    Safe Kids Games

    Our range of children’s safe games is not only safe but providing children and adults with creative artistic tools that foster learning and personal expression.

    View our range kid’s safe games

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