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Child Sleeping Aids

Getting your baby enough sleep and with ease is on the top of every parent’s list!

Child sleeping aids products will help your child sleeps with easy and will become your new best friend. Every parent wants a gentle and calming way to help their baby sleep without the need to spend hours rocking or feeding to sleep. Our range of child sleeping aids are designed to help your little one drift off to sleep and help get your baby sleeping though the night.

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Child sleeping aids are just what you need to answer that all important question: How to get a baby to sleep?

An adult’s normal sleep cycle is approximately 90 minutes long and at the end of each cycle we naturally move to the next sleep cycle. A baby’s sleep cycle lasts for around 40-50 minutes and, unless they have learnt to sleep independently, they will wake and need you to resettle them back to sleep. Our products help baby to fall asleep and transition through sleep cycles without the need to be resettled.

Our products are designed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. Browse our range of night time music, sounds and image aid, quality humidifiers and homeopathic remedies. Find a product that is just right for your family’s needs, we cater for every situation whether you are in the home or out and about.

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