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Child Safety In The Home

Protecting babies, toddlers and children from the hazards in and around the home is on every parent mind.

As your baby grows child safety in the home becomes one of the most important things parents need to watch out for. Falls, burns, and poisoning are just some of the risks your child will encounter when they’re at home. The key to home safety for children is prevention. The first step is to identify all potential risks and try to prevent or remove them from your home. We ensure our range of child safety products meets strict manufacturing safety standards. And home safety consultants are well worth investing in.

Tips on what to look out for in the home:

Falls are the most common cause of injuries to children in every age group, when your children are little you should ensure that you install a baby gate across all entries to stairs, balconies and rooms that have furniture that is easily climbed. Ensure that all accessible windows are locked or have window guards across them.

Stoves, hot plates, heaters and wood fires all pose a risk to your child. You should try to keep them away from all hot surfaces and out of the kitchen while you are cooking, wherever possible. Ensure all heaters and wood fires are in proper working order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, we recommend the use of a carbon monoxide detector.

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