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Kids love the outdoors and it’s healthy for them. What’s the best sun protective clothing for kids? & what do you look for?

Protect your child’s young skin with our Sun Safe Clothing range for the beach, pool or just playing outdoors. We offer stylish rashies, hoodies and hats that give the maximum sun protection of UPF50+ plus the fabric is breathable, flexible and designed to keep your kids cool. It’s designed in Australia for our country’s sun conditions.

One of the best barriers between skin and sun is clothing. Any fabric offers some protection from the sun but t they are not all equal. Look for UPF ratings. This gives you information on how much UV radiation will pass through un-stretched, dry material.

How does Sun Protective Clothing work?

It provides protection by absorbing and reflecting UV radiation that strikes the surface of the fabric. In a nutshell, the darker the fabric, more tightly woven threads and staying dry offers the best protection. Here’s a little more on the details:

Fabric Structure – The tighter the weave or knit, the more protection fabric offers.

Tension – If fabric is stretched, it’s surface area becomes thinner and this reduces sun protection. It’s best to always wear the correct size so that the child is given better protection, especially in active environments.

Layering – The more layering, the more protection is given

Colour – Darker clothing absorbs more UV light than lighter colours.

Moisture – When your clothes are wet, less UV protection is available. It will depend upon the fabric and the moisture it absorbs. For best protection when swimming, always have dry clothes to change into or choose quick drying fabrics.

Caring for Clothes – Washing new clothes can improve their sun protection however, as clothes age, like with natural fibres, they will become thinner and gradually decrease protection.

Sun Protective clothing is very important to keep kids skin from being sun burnt, which can be painful and uncomfortable. We recommend, never just rely on clothing alone, during the day use SPF30 or higher sunscreen, a broad hat that covers the face, ears, neck, head and some sunglasses too.

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