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Safe Kids Games

How do you know what games are safe for your child?

Playing games is essential to your child’s development as they grow. Understanding which play ideas suit which age is the answer.

Choose safe kids games that are tested and comply with international safety standards. Our range of games is age specific, non-toxic, playful, unique, educational – sensory, tactile, auditory and visually beautiful.

What safety hazards do you look for when buying ?

Children 3 years or younger

  • Small objects can be dangerous if they put them in their mouths
  • Sharp edges could cause cuts
  • Parts of games that break easily

Tips for age specific safe games

Newborn games

Child experts recommend choosing simple games such as watching your face, listening to your voice and being with you. Watch your baby’s responses and if they look tired, let them rest.

Newborns find toys with contrasting colours, curves, checks or patterns very interesting. Keep in mind; newborns can only focus on objects 20-30cm in front of them.

Babies and Toddlers Games

Toddlers and babies enjoy simple puzzles, picture books with bright and fun illustrations. A great age to introduce crafty ideas from painting and butchers paper to draw on.

Pre-schooler Games

Pre-schoolers love anything to play act with such as a dress-up clothes. They find creative games like puzzles and open-ended toys to stimulate their imagination.

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