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Z Blanko Artist Activity Set

Zolo Blanko, a kit to build your own creations,  color and decorate them.
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With Blanko, not only can you build your own creations, but color and decorate them too! Paint, draw on, or style the 30 plastic pieces in any number of ways. Express yourself with chalk, paint, stickers, and many other materials (art media not included). Or enjoy them as is in stark black & white. Works with other plastic sets. Comes in a 13” x 8” carry case.


Kids safety features

Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM.F963.

Age: 5+ years with Adult supervision to 8 years old

2010 Parents Choice Award Winner


30 black and white pieces to build! draw! paint! glue! Chalk! make it your own!

Challenge your young artist! Encourages development of self expression, creative thinking and fine motor skills. 
This range of toys offer progressive design stimulating a greater variety of brain cells than traditional baby or safe kids toys, assisting a more open-minded flexible thinker.

Creative and out of the Box Thinking

For Changeable art try:                              For permanent art try:
Chalk Acrylic Paint
Hard/ Dry Pastels Soft Pastels
Removable stickers Colour Pencils
Tempera Paint Glue + Fabrics, Paper, Beads, Feathers
Washable Markers  Water based markers
Washable Crayons Crayons

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